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Tico's Empanadas

Food Made With You In Mind

About us

Ruben learned how to make empanadas from his Abuelita as a young man. His love for cooking grew into a passion for feeding others. Cooking is his love language, it's how he shares his happiness. The idea of Tico's started as a conversation over some empanadas in the kitchen grew to a dream, and then a plan was set in motion. Ruben found himself with an urge to share his food with everyone he could reach. That's how Tico's Empanadas was born!!!

Our Cuisine

Tico's Empanadas, where the rich tapestry of Costa Rican flavors meets the creative fusion of American and Latin influences. Rooted in Ruben's Costa Rican heritage and inspired by his Abuela's cherished recipes, our empanadas are a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Each bite tells a story of Ruben's culinary journey, combining the warmth of family traditions with the excitement of new flavors. Join us in experiencing the harmony of authentic Costa Rican essence and Ruben's inventive touch, creating a culinary adventure that transcends borders at your table.

Our Atmosphere

Step into Tico's Empanadas, where the beachy vibes of South Shore Long Island, NY, blend with the genuine warmth of Costa Rican hospitality. Our cozy haven boasts a giant mural of the Robert Moses Bridge, a vinyl ode to Pura Vida, and a cherished picture of Abuela on the wall. This unique setting creates an inviting space for a fun family experience, where each empanada is a taste of two worlds coming together in harmony. Join us for a culinary journey that embraces the spirit of the beach and the heartwarming presence of family traditions.